2018 Day 5

At The Design Museum with Alex Newson, Senior Curator (Designer Maker User lead); Rebecca Dixon, Learning Producer: Further and Higher Education; David Houston, Learning Producer for Schools. Discussing how the pre-industrial pattern of closer contact between the user and the maker/designer has now recurred due to digital making, how Benjamin’s ‘mechanical reproduction’ can also apply to old casting moulds and new more flexible digital versioning, and ‘use’ being the context of objects.
At Museum of London with Foteini Aravani, Digital Curator. Discussing tweets as social history and as art, filtering out (and maybe in!) swear words, and process equality with objects.
At ODI (Open Data Insitute) with Hannah Redler, former Head of Media Space and Arts Programme, Science Museum, now ODI Commissioning; Julie Freeman, Art Associate. Open Data, curating for an office space. Discussing how to balance the utopian/dystopian binary of data, office staff adopting artworks, and of course, the Ceiling Cat.

Photos by Rene Garcia Cepeda:


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