People at CRUMB curator training

This intensive week-long course in London is aimed at curators, exhibition organisers, educators and others working with contemporary art. The course will critically examine how contemporary curating can best match contemporary art practices, including practices that might be collaborative, or participatory. Since new media including social networking, augmented reality and open source have changed thinking on how art works in time and space, this course aims to update professional knowledge in the field. The local, national and international contexts of curating are rigourously examined.
Course attendees have included curators from Hong Kong, Austria, The Netherlands, Ireland, USA, Canada, India, France and the UK.
About the course leader
Course leader Beryl Graham co-founded with Sarah Cook CRUMB, the resource for curators of new media, in 1999. They also co-authored the book Rethinking Curating, which is on the curricula of many curating courses. Professor Beryl Graham has a PhD concerning curating new media art, curated Serious Games for Laing and Barbican art galleries, and is course leader for MA Curating.
This course is based on a successful history of international masterclasses and professional development workshops, including:
Certificates of Attendance are available for this professional development course. Course attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation in London.

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