2019 Course Introductions

I’m looking forward to welcoming these great people to the Class of 2019, Curating Art After New Media Professional Development Course:

Chiara Marchini http://facebook.com/chiamarchi
Marie-Therese Luger https://kultwatch.se/2016/02/15/definitive-craft-n
Stephanie Fletcher http://artcollection.salford.ac.uk/
Clare Harding http://www.mostyn.org / http://www.clare-harding.com
Jonathan Powell https://www.somersethouse.org.uk
Shani K. Parsons http://www.criticaldistance.ca
Esen Kaya @EsenKayaArts @littlemissesen [Esen will now attend next year]
Nora O’Murchu http://www.noraomurchu.com
Bruce Gilchrist https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-gilchrist-0a578a19/
Matthew Gansallo https://uk.linkedin.com/in/matthew-gansallo-06090627
Ben Evans James https://benevansjames.com/
Catrina Ure https://www.linkedin.com/in/catrina-ure-82119b8/
Beryl Graham http://www.berylgraham.com/



2018 Day 6

At Furtherfield Commons with Marc Garrett, Co-Director. Discussing collaborative curatorial practice, DIWO, NODE.London festival, “unlocking proprietorial systems”, blockchain, and how curators can “have fun and change things”.
At The Photographers’ Gallery with Katrina Sluis, Curator (Digital Programme). Discussing video walls, gifs, cats, and the importance of funders being able to differentiate between digital distribution and digital art. Polaroids by Akiko.

2018 Day 5

At The Design Museum with Alex Newson, Senior Curator (Designer Maker User lead); Rebecca Dixon, Learning Producer: Further and Higher Education; David Houston, Learning Producer for Schools. Discussing how the pre-industrial pattern of closer contact between the user and the maker/designer has now recurred due to digital making, how Benjamin’s ‘mechanical reproduction’ can also apply to old casting moulds and new more flexible digital versioning, and ‘use’ being the context of objects.
At Museum of London with Foteini Aravani, Digital Curator. Discussing tweets as social history and as art, filtering out (and maybe in!) swear words, and process equality with objects.
At ODI (Open Data Insitute) with Hannah Redler, former Head of Media Space and Arts Programme, Science Museum, now ODI Commissioning; Julie Freeman, Art Associate. Open Data, curating for an office space. Discussing how to balance the utopian/dystopian binary of data, office staff adopting artworks, and of course, the Ceiling Cat.

Photos by Rene Garcia Cepeda:

2018 Day 4

At Imperial War Museum (IWM), seeing art exhibition The Age of Terror, meeting Sanna Moore, Senior Curator (Art), Contemporary Conflict. Discussing collecting art since 1917, moving from moving image to new media, and are war museum curators more experienced at dealing with contentious issues than contemporary art curators?
At Tate Britain with Rebecca Sinker,
Convener Digital Learning, Leyla Tahir, Tate Collectives Producer, Tate Digital, Rachel Noel, Young People’s Programmes, Pip Laurenson, Head of Collection Care Research, Patricia Falcao, Conservator Time-based Media. Discussing Doing It With Others, mission creep, human interfaces to protect artworks and children, youth as curators paid for deliving projects, “the leakiness of new media”, and conservation as “imagining the future of the artwork”.

Photos by Rene Garcia Cepeda:

2018 Day 3

Digital Collection, Display, and Education day

At Wellcome Collection with Danny Birchall, Digital Manager and Honor Beddard, curator of Making Nature and Museum of Modern Nature, discussing not being Art/Science, art that “sits in the contradictions”, using sound in exhibitions to represent embodied knowledge, four kinds of wood, inviting participation via objects, “virtual exhibition” denial, Transvengers, and museum games that have a life of their own.
At V&A Douglas Dodds, Senior Curator in the V&A’s Word & Image Department. Anna White, maternity leave cover for Melanie Lenz, Patric Prince Curator of Digital Arts: Print Room. Irini Papadimitriou, Programme Manager, Digital Programmes Department: Learning and Interpretation: Live events, pop up showcase, Digital Futures.
Corinna Gardner
, Curator of Contemporary Product Design. Natalie Kane Curator of Digital Design. Design, Architecture and Digital dept. Discussing Algorists, being generative, punch cards, exhibiting process, MOZFEST, exceptionalising the digital within the contemporary, being possibly post-medium, and curators as change-makers not taste-makers. Blimey.

Photos by Rene Garcia Cepeda:

2018 Day 2

Critical Making, and Production day at Machines Room with Gareth Owen Lloyd, discussing artists, designers, and engineers who make, domestic protyping, speculation, and valuing practice (and messiness) beyond ‘impact’ or ‘profit’. And Somerset House Studios with Marie McPartlin, discussing building community, being firm about mentoring, and being messy in a listed building. For both venues: How do we exhibit process as well as product?

Photos by Rene Garcia Cepeda: