2017 Day 6

Furtherfield Marc Garrett, Co-Director: Collaborative or participatory curatorial practice (DIWO methods, NODE.London festival, Superdiversity: Picturing Finsbury Park Katherine Stansfeld, http://commodify.us/ and “systems thinking”.


2017 Day 3

Tate Britain with Leyla Tahir, Tate Collectives Producer, Tate Digital, Rachel Noel, Young People’s Programmes, and Rebecca Sinker,
Convener Digital Learning: Audiences, and Curatorial Participation in a museum collection – valuing participation.

V&A with Douglas Dodds, Senior Curator in the V&A’s Word & Image Department; Melanie Lenz, Patric Prince Curator of Digital Art; Irini Papadimitriou, Programme Manager, Digital Programmes Department: Learning and Interpretation; Corinna Gardner, Curator of Contemporary Product Design Design, Architecture and Digital dept: On animating Logorist pasts, Digital Futures, and Pussy Hats.

And Robots at the Science Museum!

I’m looking forward to this year’s London course starting 26 Feb 2017. New for this year: Iniva, Tenderpixel and Barbican.  By way of online introductions to the course participants…

Connor Huntley: Exhibiting history, exhibiting media

Fikriyah Ibrahim, Kingdom of Brunei: Artist/Curator models, installation https://www.linkedin.com/in/fikriyah-hj-ibrahim-b10371107/

Ine Poppe, The Netherlands: Artist and film-maker – trans-disciplinary art and curating education http://poppeenpartners.nl/    www.wdka.nl/

Sheyda Porter: Artist/Curator models, collaborative models http://www.sheydaporter.com/

Janine Sykes: How curation practices can create informative (virtual and physical) environments and collective experiences  https://uk.linkedin.com/in/janine-sykes-28448a13

Esther Walton: Public art installations, landscape.

Carly Whitaker, South Africa: Physical and digital environments – from a networked participation perspective www.carlywhitaker.co.za

Beryl Graham: CRUMB curating new media art research http://www.berylgraham.com

Dawn Bothwell: CRUMB Doctoral Researcher – intermedia curating and regional arts organisations http://dawnbothwell.hotglue.me/?curation.

Dani Admiss: CRUMB Doctoral Researcher – world building and curating http://daniadmiss.com/